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The planet depends on it.

According to Greta Thunberg, the cost of an industrialized food system is clear—the destruction of our planet. In a new video, sponsored by Mercy For Animals, Greta raises the question, will we take action before it's too late?

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Now you know. What will you do?

Call On Corporations to Act

Urge some of the world's largest restaurant chains, including McDonald’s, Domino’s, Subway, and Popeyes, to expand their global plant-based options.

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Do Your Part—Take the Plant-Based Pledge

Studies show plant-based eating results in the greatest reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and land use. Those of us with food choices can do our part by taking the pledge!

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Urge the UN to Prioritize Sustainability and Animals

Join environmentalists and animal advocates in urging the UN to prioritize a sustainable food system and animal protection.

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Rainforest Destruction

The Amazon Rainforest, home to thousands of animal and plant species, is at risk. This beautiful forest went from lush to dangerously deprived after years of purposely set fires. What drove the destruction? Animal agriculture, which accounts for about 80 percent of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon.

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Environmental Injustice

Factory farming isn’t just harmful to animals and the planet—it leads to poor public health and environmental injustice for low-income communities. These communities face disproportionate impacts of pollution and other environmental hazards, known as environmental racism.

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Unlivable Waters

An analysis found that America’s largest meat companies were key drivers of the Gulf of Mexico dead zone. Dead zones are created when oxygen in water is so depleted that the water can no longer sustain life. This is often a result of waste-disposal practices at factory farms.

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Eat Plant-Based Foods

Help the planet in the “biggest way” by eating plant-based foods. Researchers have found that by ditching animal products, you can cut your carbon footprint from food in half while reducing global land and water use and sparing countless animals the horrors of our food system.

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The first step in changing the world is raising awareness. Share this video with your friends and family to shed light on the true cost of our industrialized food system. If you would prefer to upload the video directly, you can download the assets on the condition that they're not edited or monetized. #ForNature